Vera, Trigg Pride news connection?

Its being discussed over on Sherdog that the announcement by Trigg that Pride signed someone under another organization's nose that would make everyone shit their pants was actually Vera fighting Wand on Pride's next USA card. That fight is now filled with Hendo which is a bit underwhelming.

Trigg apparently now admits that the deal fell through. Triggs shilling for Pride is almost as annoying as his announcing.

Nonetheless, this adds an interesting wrinkle to the situation. That along with Brandon's appearance at the Showtime conference certainly didn't earn him any style points with Dana.

Not real sure if the Sherdog thread is all bullshit or just part but it smacks of the truth.

Frankly, I think that both sides are doing what they should and that is getting the best deal for themselves.

"Triggs shilling for Pride is almost as annoying as his announcing."

Agreed. I loved how during the Real Deal broadcast he kept saying how Pride didn't cast fighters aside after a couple losses like some organizations that didn't value the warrior spirit. Trigg went 2-3 in the UFC (all three losses coming by way of the same hold...yeah, that shows growth) and is still whining about them cutting him loose? Amusing.

I respect Trigg's talents, but he is not an analyst or a commentator as Pride portrays him: he's a mouthpiece.

Sorry to hijack the thread. Carry on. LOL

This is too bad if true cause I like Vera, he is a great fighter. He should have smashed a couple more higher level opponents and then the money would have come. Cant blame the guy for shooting for the stars but hopefully he isnt burning a bridge that cant be repaired.