Vernon 'Tiger' White

just want to make some points on Tiger White.

-I know he's a tough fighter, but he hasn't won in his last 4 fights. Does this seem acceptable to be fighting in the UFC? Let's face it, some people base who should and shouldn't be in the UFC based solely on their records.

-He now has a fight scheduled before UFC 49. He's fighting Mikko Rupponen in early June in Idaho. Rupponen is 9-2-2 or something like that and Finaldn's top LHW. I doubt that many of you have seen Mikko fight so you will automatically pick Vernon, but I am fully expecting Mikko to beat Vernon. Why is Vernon taking this fight?

-Who's Vernon training with these days? Still Ken, Guy, etc.?

I have only seen Vernon fight one time and I have not seen Mikko fight, but I will see each fight the other on June 3.

I don't think you will be seeing that fight happen.

Vern is training with Ken & Eric Paulson.

Really, Jeff?

striker18 in 3,2,1......

"UFC is no longer about signing the best fighters, it's about which fighter can sell tickets." - Randy Couture.