Vernon v Chuck???????

Not saying that it's a bad choice But Horn did beat Vernon and Tiger gets invited to the UFC. Horn beat Chuck so if he is going to fight in a non title match, makes sense that he would want to avenge his loss and fight Horn.

If this keeps up, Zuffa might be giving people the impression that they don't want chuck to fight horn.

I believe Horn wanted to fight @ 185.

Chuck has always fought whoever they put in front of him. Horn is the most active big name fighter in the game.

I don't think Chuck has anything to do with what is holding UFC back from bringing Horn in. This is a stretch.

I guess that stalling and trying to hold somebody down just isnt what the UFC is looking for these days

I think that you meant whipped shogun.

lol, I would hope that he's wiped it prior to the fight.

then again maybe