Very Nice Clip to Watch

Everyone should checkout the very nice clip that did of the recent OSWI-3. Thanks Rick for the event and some great fights, thanks ABHAYA (Patrick/Rowan) for the preview of things to come. Thanks to WILEY for his great video camera efforts, and ability to capture some great clips and great action. (I had to throw props out to myself)

Check it out:


Wiley IMO is da Rickson Gracie of cameramen!


Wiley...that was sick.

Did you edit it?


The editor of the vid was my partner in crime Patrick Bazinet.


Hmmmm....thinking, thinking....


If you were looking for someone to do some work for you, Pat has some serious skills. Ontop of his computer savy, he's also an english major who won the prestigious Toronto Star short story contest. He's the reason is without a single gramatical or spelling error (he's an anal s.o.b.). He's a blue belt in BJJ and a fanatical follower of all things BJJ, MMA, and everything inbetween.

Esfiha nicknamed him "Falcon"... not sure why.

and, patrick is also a great kisser.

He also donates to charity, helps little midgets to read, loves disco dancing (especially on tuesdays) and his favourite movies are anything with Fred Savage in it.

Patrick has traveled through time to challenge Gingus Khan to a duel. He'll be back on Friday.


The editing is tight...I like it.

I too like disco dancing on Tuesdays !

JHR...I got two twins at the end of my arms with your names all over them.

And don't mess with the disco tunes know Showdown Joe can get down...:)

I love when threads go downhill very quickly.

Besides, I remember one time when Pat was talking to Ghandi. The results of that conversation speaks for itself!


Kool and the Gang...oh yeahhhhhh