Very Simple and Effective Sweep - Jason Scully

The sweep I'm going to share with you has to be one of the simplest sweeps I do on a regular basis. It is so simple that most people smack themselves in the head for not think of doing it and your partners will not believe they actaully got swept with it. Also it's very safe, meaning that if it doesn't work then you're not putting yourself in danger and you get to keep your position.
Now some people may think this move doesn't work but I have hit this move successfully in training and in competition a lot, and against all levels of grapplers.  The other thing is that after you get used to this sweep you'll start seeing other opportunities for it even more and you'll use this sweep as more of a concept so you can hit it effectively during transitions and scrambles. 
Thanks for watching,
Jason Scully

I always enjoy your videos. VTFU

Good vid. I admit while watching, I was looking to see if you held on to that ankle while you pushed him back. Nicely done and explained. VU

ShanTheMan - I always enjoy your videos. VTFU
Thank you very much Phone Post 3.0

I incorporate your videos with my grappling. You're a very talented grappler. Phone Post 3.0

VU. Phone Post 3.0