Vettori vs. Costa on the way?

Who wins a possible fight between Vettori and Costa?

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I think Costa knocks him out.

Very interesting fight imo…

The MW division is going to get boring real quick if Whitaker doesn’t upset Izzy.

Unless Izzy goes in there and starts getting some highlight finishes ala Anderson.

I hope Israel wins but I agree. If he wins it can’t be like that Vettori fight or everyone loses interest

Costa is shot and will never be the same fighter again and will never be elite. This will be the next step in his decline. He has never gotten over the mental beating he took from Stylebender.

I can’t stand Stylebender, but what he’s done is damn impressive. You need to start digging deep on that ranking list to find fresh challengers that he hasn’t already beaten or that wouldn’t completely be laughed out of the conversation of at least getting a shot against him.

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I’d go with Vettori.