Vic Darchinyan moving to MMA after next fight

former boxing bantamweight champion Vic Darchinyan announced yesterday that he will transition into MMA. He is expecting to compete in both sports and looks to his first mma match up in 2012.


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Awesome cant wait to see him Phone Post


A replay of his agbeko fight is on Showtime right now. I hope he transitions well. Phone Post

His father is a decorated Armenian Wrestling Champion so Darchinyan grew up wrestling all his life in a wrestling culture and after the weekend he will be a 9 time boxing world champion..Good luck to the lightweight MMA fighters when this happens...The first truly world class boxer with an awesome sprawl and high level wrestling..oh mercy...sign him Dana you just have to negotiate with Gary Shaw

This is only vaguely exciting. First, he fights at 118 pounds. I can't name any fighters under 135. I know others can, but I cannot. As such, this boxer-to-MMA transition is inherently less interesting to me.

Second, he is damn near 37 years old. If he was younger with more time to make it in MMA, then it would be a lot more exciting.

37 year old dirty boxing beast going for his 9th boxing world title this weekend with a lifelong wrestling pedigree wont make an impact in MMA and get paid...dont tell Kimbo you have to train UFC..any promoter with half a brain would make bank out of any Darchinyan MMA fight ,fact, and more boxing fans than you can imagine would watch..good thing

Vic is 35, but the Bull vs the Raging Bull lol

Sub Phone Post

im so fucking stoked! Phone Post