VICTORY is looking for RISING STARS!!!

 Victory, the midwest's top MMA production, is looking for the nation's next star.  We are seeking the up and comers that really want to make a name for themselves and utalize our event to launch them into the big shows.

I currently have a few openings on the July 26th card, and am looking for opponents for the following:

Chad Reiner - 170

Jake Ellenberger - 170

Ryan Jensen - 185

Purse, travel, hotel, and insurance are all covered by the event.  Please send all information to me directly at


Scott Harper NEEDS a fight at 185 or 195 Chainsaw Charles UnderGround Forum 7 days ago
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Mitch Harris
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 ^^ Thank you sir, that is exactly what I needed!

pretty short notice to fight any of those guys

better be some serious coin to fight a UFC vet on 4 weeks notice

Lots of guys are able to get ready in four weeks at that level, because they begin to train for fights, fights fall out, quick victories... Lots of pressure to keep fighting, and if they are smart and stay in shape ALL the time, baring injury, they can get great opportunities like this one.


ttt email sent

TTT for jay stacking this next VFC

 ttt for Jay and the VFC.



Jay-hit me up: I got a couple of guys. Camp

charles blanchard from jax is a rising star. let me know and i can get in touch with him for ya jay.

also, how about some fading-has-been-wanna-be on some upcomin show?

 Quit talking about me like that, Ronnie!



Junior Hernandez and Matt "Goldenboot" Dempsey are worthy guys to have on your card.

Ronnie- saw you fighting on Mediacom a few weeks back. You still have it old man.

my hand is still messed up

i wish i could =/

ron faircloth

3 tough guys! Good luck Jay.

 Per a telephone call this morning we have Ryan Roberts getting back into the mix as well.  The toughest decision is choosing the best matchups for the card...

Thank you for all the emails thus far.  The show is going to be making some very BIG announcements soon!


Mike Camp will take care of you Jay!!