Vid request: Shaolin arm triangle

Somewhere on the net I saw a five minute or so video of sholin teaching his famous arm triangle, but dammed if I cannot find it now.






Are you talking about this?

I think he's after a Shaolin video but thanks for that.

I love the head and arm choke and will be using the knee trap setup off that video.


Not an instructional but here's the man in action hitting a shit load of head and arm chokes (and one brabo)

Great vid

The side chokes start coming about 5 mins in.


was that saulo clip from a no gi series? I never saw any of his instructionals but I like how he covers details in that clip. He is also easy to understand.

Any link to that series or reviews of it?

Mate you don't need any reviews. They are excellent.

If you don't own Jiu Jitsu Revolution or Freestyle Revolution then buy them immediately.

He won't dazzle you with loads and loads of techniques but will amaze you with the amount of details and depth of knowledge he goes into in each position.

His GI mount and side control tapes made me a better BJJ player, simple as that.


Shaolin is coming to my area for a seminar in a few weeks, you can be sure I'll be asking him about his arm triangle setups and finishes.

JRockwell, unfortunately, Shaolin doesnt show his arm-triangle in seminars. At least not the two Ive been to. Maybe if you or your instructor ask beforehand for him to include that, but if you leave it up to him he will show some great techniques but not the arm triangle.

Once I've got him drugged and tied up in my basement, he'll show me whatever the hell I want!!!

Hmm...maybe just talking to the instructor ahead of time is a better idea. Thanks for the heads up, andre!

When i went to a seminar of his, he showed an arm triangle transition from when you have someones back standing.