VIDEO - 330+ Super Solo Grappling Drills

Hey UG, A bit ago I posted some videos of some solo grappling drills and got some really good feedback and a lot of people asking for more info and the drills on Disc and Mobile format So I took every drill I can think of (I have even more already) and put over 330 Solo Grappling Drills related to BJJ, Judo, Wrestling ,Sub Wrestling, Agility, Balance, etc.. on video.    

You can get more info at 

This is beautiful!!!!

And I think I might love you now! Phone Post

JiuKaraKwonThaiKungDo Master -  This is beautiful!!!!

And I think I might love you now! Phone Post

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Lloyd gave me my bluename -  I support Jasculs and what he does. Good for the sport of BJJ.


Edit: took a look at the site...not a fan, very snake-oil salesmen like.

But Sculs is legit and so are his solo drills.   

 hahaha...Thanks? You just confused me here?

A bunch of the 330+ Super Solo Grappling Drill DVD sets just shipped out yesterday! There are only 16 copies left, then we are shutting the page down. - Those who made purchases I will be sending out an additional email soon with more info! 

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 What's going on everyone! I have 3 spair copies left then I'm out of stock 100% for sale and then I'm going to be focusing soley on 3 big projects that I'm doing so if anyone wants to get the 330+ (actually more now because I put more on the Grapplers Guide) Super Solo Drills plus Free Grapplers Guide membership plus Free iPhon/IPod app, and other stuff get it now.  Next 3 and it's all gone.  No hype.