Video: Absolute Fighting Championship III (1997)

Pro Ice -  Not sure Mr Cutter, don't know if it was exhaustion, sure he was tired but he looked to be pretty active till the end. Looks to me like Vovchanchyn may have broke his nose with one of those headbutts ..... vicious headbutts at 145:00 in. Notice how Igor really targets the nose and lands a couple big ones right before the end

And yeah Nutter was a BAMF. He was a pretty acomplished wrestler division 1 and was training at Hammer House, he looked to have a very bright future in NHB. I remember after this tournament in which all actuality he SHOULD'VE won see; 136:00 in (Igor taps?!?!) people were really high on him comparing him to and saying/calling him the next "Coleman" ect  

Thanks man.

Wow, lol, that looks like a clear tap by today's standards, but maybe he was trying to do something?? Regardless, both guys are tough as shit.

Good call on the head butting. The removing of headbutts was ignorant and misdirected from taking the sport away from "human cockfighting". Same with 12 to 6 elbows. Though it seemed it would have most hurt guys w wrestling bases, it's clear it was across the board. It seems impossible to get anything back once it's given up... Phone Post

 Yeah Igor definitely taps, doesn't look like Igor denied he tapped either, it actually looks like Nutter kind of initiated action after the ref stepped in and the ref just let it continue.

Don't know what the ref was thinking, sucks for Nutter but I'm glad the fight didn't get stopped.

We eneded up getting a classic.....a war of attrition, and we got to see something that'd never happened before or since, a fighter winning a fight from the bottom with headbutts!

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