VIDEO - Amateur Pankration match

Here's a match from the 2004 California Pankration Championships. The complete DVD will be available soon.

73 competitors, youth and adult divisions, competed in San Diego on Aug. 22.

This match went into double OT.

Our next tournament will be held this Saturday ( Nov. 20) at Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton, CA.

We are primarily looking for Competitors from the Military, Law Enforcement or Fire Dept. If you know anyone who is eligible, please let them know.


We will also have a division for Teens ( 14 -17yrs.), weight brackets will be determined the day of.

This tournament is for amateurs only and is a great way to sample MMA competition in a safer manor.

Some of the tournament proceeds will go towards Navy and Marine Corps youth dependants.

See our site for more information.

looks cool


Not in this century




Those guys look like real fighters.

I considered showing up last time, but I'm way below amateur. :)


Pretty cool. It reminds me to the SFO event down in GA.

If not just go to the link is in the middle of the page.

Wow... Nice stuff... Surprised the smaller guy won, he must have been down 20 pounds.

i think im gonna go check this event out. looks like it could be some fun. ttt for any mma in california.... we need it.

Just about everyone was withing 10 lbs in their divisions. It was a very close match.

"LAME!" - Eric Cartman

No face punching?