Video - Billy Blanks??? got KTFO

this looks like BIlly Blanks but I am not sure if it is.

that was him.

Yeah.....I think that is Billy. You should see the guys he has knocked out. Anyone who knows Billy from his sport karate days, knows he used to knock guys out on a regular basis. Billy was an amazing athlete.

That was definitely Billy Blanks. Make no mistakes, though. In sport karate days, Blanks was a total badass. I watched him knock out more than one guy on more than one occasion.

"Billy was an amazing athlete"

see thats what i dont get... training under a super athlete, the dudes gonna be ripped no matter WHAT he does

id rather train under a former fat slob that got his shit together

That was a guy named Larry Kelley. He was well known for his kicks back then. I remember reading an article where he talked about doing 1000 kicks a day with each leg while wearing leg weights.

He is now in his 40's and has had both hips replaced.

Billy Blanks was a very good fighter, but that was a nice kick too.

Yeah I heard Billy's karate was legit and has done well in tournaments. That was a BEAUTIFUL kick that he just ate though.

Will I be the first to say it??? damn.. ok...


You could tell it was Blanks by his stance. I saw a lot of footage of him back in the day (some was on ESPN) and saw him fight with the Budweiser Karate Team a few times in person. Once saw him do a front flip into an axe kick and knock his opponent out cold similar to how he just got knocked out in this scene.

Pitmaster knocked Blanks out once

That was Larry Kelly knocking him out I believe. He was famous for his
hook kick.
I was living in Boston when this happened. Blanks was huge on the point
circuit, him and this dude Nasty Anderson. Both of them were fucking
huge really well built guys Billy was way bigger than he is now. When
Larry Kelly knocked him out it was a pretty big deal.

Anyone else seen the film "King of the Kickboxers?"

Certainly the greatest film of all time, and Billy Blanks' finest role.