Video Blogs Day 4 and 5

Here are Days 4 and 5 of my Video Blog.

Day 4

Day 5

 If you don't like blood or have a weak stomach... don't watch Day 5


that was a nice cut

good v-blogs Joe

Good stuff Joe!

Here's a few, how old is that Guido kid? and can you please give him more camera time?

 Guido will be getting lots of abus... err.. camera time in the future. We have video of him taped to a heavybag and spun while my brother works it. Kid is hilarious... and deserves all the abuse he gets. 

The first few blogs were real rough... but I think by the 4th and 5th we made some improvement. This is something we are going to continue doing because its good for memories and others might enjoy it too. 

I think it's a great idea and you and your buddies are doing a good job at it.

keep it up!

5th blog was definitely my favorite. Some nice simple interrupted suturing going down.

Holy cut batman!

These blogs are a great idea Joe. What is your walk-around weight?

Joe thanks for posting on the UG great fight i hope you do more of these video blogs thanks again for video of your life before and after the fight

I walk around 168/170. 

Joe Lauzon - I walk around 168/170. 

That's fucking crazy. Stephens looked bigger than you. I wonder what sorta weight he walks around at?

How badly does the cut affect you? I guess you must get pretty miserable for a few days.

Congrats on the win. It was sweeeeeeet.

hey joe what kind of hair removal do all the fighters use.. or whats best.


 I was light for my last one... only like 163 before cutting. I got sick in December with food poisoning and lost a ton of weight. Went from like 170 to 158. 

No idea on hair removal... I dont have that problem. 

ewww i saw joe lauzon's skull lol

Good stuff Joe thanks and congrats on da fight

wow timely...

you realize these prefight blogs are supposed to be viewed before the fight dont you creepy?

Watching the needle enter the vagina like wound was painful

ttt good stuff

hey joe.. whats you and your bro's walking weight?