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i was able to buy your complete set since the new island group slashed their prices. i must say i really liked your guard pass video (and of course the kimura video). maybe an idea for your 2nd set would be, Guard Passing Counters. and also kimura 2. i dont think there are enough videos out there on Counters. the Guard is only 1 idea. i also like seeing Combinations of techniques. just my 2 cents

much thanks



We will be filming Chris' next video series in 2 weeks.  I believe all of those topics will be covered. ;-)

Thank you for you input,

Adam LaClair
Infinity2Digital Productions

I too enjoyed his guard passing video. probably my fav outa the set! thanks.

if you will be having a kimura 2, and some type of guard passing "counters" videos... i would like to pre-order. adam, do you have site listing all of your future video releases? if not, could you let us know.

another video idea...

have chris watch baret yoshida's set, take notes, improve on baret's instruction, add some of his own flavor, and release a similar guard submission video. i dont think it would be a bad idea to "model" a video after someone else's, especially considering, baret's videos may forever be in VHS, or is it beta - lol.


I am working on the website for the Video business, but it won't be done for a little while yet. (Too much editing to do!!)

Right now I have these projects on the table:

1. About to start a pre-sale on a new 3-disc set from Joe Moreira that someone else produced, but I'm taking care of all order fulfillment

2. Just completed filming for ANOTHER 3-disc set for Joe Moreira, that I will be producing

3. Filming over this coming weekend and following week for Chris Brennan's next dvd series

4. I'm almost done converting all of Roy Harris' VHS-only titles to DVD.  Look for a sale on that soon. (I prematurely announced that the sale would be earlier, but it got pushed back for Joe's projects).

5. I have a few more projects on the table.  Won't throw out any names until they are a sure thing, but 2006 should be pretty busy.

6. I've actually contacted the owners of the rights to Baret Yoshida's tapes.  They will be putting out a dvd as soon as they sell out ALL of the vhs copies they have.  I'm trying to get them to let me do the conversions. :-)

Keep an eye on my other website,  - It too is in bad need of updating, but it will be soon, and the link to the new website will be put up on there also.

Thanks for the interest!!




ttt for ya guys!

yes! More instruction on counter guard passes. I actually e-mailed chris for some help on countering the knee over pass and he responded right away with a good tip. used it and it's been working great. i'm a chris brennan fan now!!