VIDEO in thread?

I've seen some threads with a lil windows media player inside a post that plays a video when you open the thread. How do you do this?

The reason I ask, is I would like to post one with vid of a fighter that I have to fight in a week so that the UG can disect him for me.

I apologize for not being technically advanced like most of the members here. Thanks in advance for whoever takes the time to answer.

Check into it:

Use this template:


The only things missing is are 1) an opening and closing arrow. The "<" and ">" at the beginning and end respectively, and 2) the properties of your media in place of the one I have in my example.

You may or may not have to resize it.

"Would you like to use the PRO HTML editor?"

I don't see that anywhere.
Is that when you create a new thread? Or when making a reply post?

if you are on firefox, you dont have that option

hey helldaw, can you post the url? i am on firefox, and i can never get the plugins to play the vid

yes, I use firefox.