Video:Kondo KO's F.Shamrock

I remember that fight. I was like whoa!

we need a "videoground" just got BRO HYMN.

ttt nice KO.

wow that shows how far franks stand up has come

or at least the reputation of his stand up

Kondo is a pimp

i think that was the same year frank started training. no prior experience at all. age 22

I love how all of his victories are legit, but none of his losses count because he was a rookie.

He got KTFO!

not playing. Here's the link:

Another good reason why the ring sucks.

KAI knocked the correct right thru the ropes

Bro Hymn do you have a clip from Franks last fight in the WEC?

no excuses.

Damn, it wont play for me..

for your info: KONDO knocked him outta the ring!!!


anyone got a new link tro thiss vid?