Video:Mike Bernardo vs T. Erickson

Some funny irony here.... Bernardo clinches, and Erickson THROWS HIS ASS DOWN.

I bet Bernardo wouldn't have gotten two early takedowns in a Greco match. :)


awesome, thanks BRO HYMN



Btw, Erikson threw Bernardo on purpose, not by instinct. He said it was to try and set the stage for the fight/future image stuff. After this, he did get another fight in K1 but was soundly beat by a mid-level Japanese player.

Still, he did very well in that fight and it was very exciting to watch because he almost pulled off a big upset (remember, 3 knockdown rule!).

I really wish that Erikson would get a MMA fight sometime soon though...

i prefer sanshou over K-1. those who prefer K-1 over sanshou have probably only seen one fight, that wasn't good and now assume all sanshou fights are boring. i've watched the last 5-6 or so K-1s, and almost all of them were boring as hell except the K-1 Max. i've watched a bunch of sanshou tapes, and most of the matches were WAY more exciting to the regular K-1 fights

man bernardos got a weak chin. kinda sad he hasnt been in the grand prix in 5 years.

"Throws should be allowed in K-1.
There allowed in Muay Thai and Kyokushin. "

Throws are not allowed in Muay Thai. Not THOSE kind of throws. You can do off-balancing moves and dump people on their butt, or you can turn them while kicking their base leg, but it is a common misconception that throwing is allowed in Muay Thai. There is a subtle difference between a throw and what is allowed in Muay Thai. An experienced Muay Thai ref would know the difference.

You can rotate, tilt, push, pull...but you can't have their body travel over your body.

I've seen MT matches in the states and in Europe where people get away with it when they are not supposed to.


Was that a fixed fight?

big cat/sylvia is on my wish list

Thanks BRO HYMN.

Gary Hughes

bernardo does have a weak chin, but he's often been able to recover from being knocked down


I love Big Cat, but he really needs to make friends with the stairmaster or something. He was gassed after the throw.