VIDEO! Pedro Sauer with Ryron Gracie Mount Defense

Count Koma DELIVERS!

Dear Jiu Jitsu Friend,
Are you still training with the monkeys!
The Koma has a technique to share with you
that it took Professor Pedro Sauer 35 years to see.
Now you may learn it in the convenience of your own
primal jungle and be delivered.

This unique technique was shown to Maestre Sauer by Ryron Gracie.
The Koma has trained with Ryron Gracie and felt the wrath
of world class jiu jitsu.

The Koma encourages you to follow the path of enlightenment
and shed the clothes of the monkey and achieve the supreme

Enjoy, Count Koma

Cool detail indeed.

BTW this point was covered on page 88 of Carlson Gracie black belt, Rodrigo Medeiros' book, The Essential Guard, several years ago.

He mentions when doing the elbow escape to push off the left foot raise his hip so the opponent's hips are either off the ground or have very little weight on them facilitating an easier transition.

Small note but it was there this whole time and I just noticed it a few days ago myself. Damn I love this art!

Still very cool to see Pedro teach it on video though.

JiujitsuForeva - ummm, is this a joke, or am I missing something? This technique is oold, I learnt it like 8 years ago. Isn't this just the move where you wait for them to mount and then simply go out the back door, elbow-to-knee, and take their back, etc.?? I thought everyone knew this?Am I issing something crucial that makes it different?

This has been shown in many different places.

HOw could Pedro not have seen this basic mount defense before?

Again, perhaps I am mistaken in what i am seeing.

Cool move nonetheless.
Yes, you're missing the detail he shows to make the elobow escape easier.  Whats really cool is the 1/2 elbow escape to upa escape @ 2:40'ish...  Thanks for the vid.  Prof Sauer is always worth watching / listening to.


thanks unified,
i just looked through my essential guard to see this and appreciate you apprising me of this.

HOWEVER, this isnt the same technique that pedro is showing.
the essential guard is showing a mount Escape and Pedro is showing a mount Prevention.

now, Rodrigo's posture is the same that Pedro is showing but where he applies this posture is what i think is so cool.
So, one move is mount prevention (pedros video) and the other move is mount escape (essential guard).

Anyway, great point Unified and i appreciate you taking the time to comment on this. I have a ton more of Pedro video and hope you will continue to make substantive contribution.

Exactly. It's not the exact position. I was more referring to the use of the bridge in combination w/ the elbow escape. And your assessment of both techniques is spot on.

Koma Neophytes,
please remember the hub of this move is the raised hip.

I sense the rebelliousness of the monkey in some of you and
that is okay. let the rages flow through you and begin to
make the grunting primate sounds.

its pretty cool how a guy who has probably forgotten more about bjj than most of the people on this board actually is still open to learning from others and then sharing with others.

ttt 4 later