Video: Roger Huerta vs Matt Wiman - FFC (2005)

Roger Huerta vs Matt Wiman -  Freestyle Fighting Championship 15  (9/14/05) 

 If you guys haven't seen this you should check it out, one of the best fights you've never seen  :)

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 That armbar was tight! Great fight...I didn't know Wiman had such a good guard. Good call on the decision too. 

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your vids are always enjoyable and often hard to find.

VTFU of the month well deserved my brother.

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 Thanks TrampStamp

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Good fight, thanks for posting.

Also an OMA sighting behind Watt Miman during the decision.

great fight, looked like they got the decision right

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Was a fun show. Phone Post

Really fun fight, but I hate slow frame transitions during fights, i now know this

 Not sure if  you can view megavideo on iphone or android but here's the link