Video this could happen to anyone

Anyone can be a victim at anytime for no reason this video proves it give it time to load

Makes a good case for retroactive abortion.

Correct me if im wrong but dont you have the legal right(self defense) to run him the F*%k over

Up to a certain point it could be argued that the dirtbag (from this point forward, referred to as DB) is vandalizing the car (which happens to be occupied). After a certian point, it could be argued that the occupants of the vehicle could fear serious injury, permanent physical disfigurement or death to themselves or another. At that point, use of deadly force (running his ass over with the intent to kill him) against DB would be reasonable and justified.

Exactly when that certain point occurs is the question and will have to be determined by a jury.

For Popo arrest purposes, I think DB's actions clearly rose to the level of violent felony/ aggravated assault. His intent to kill or maim the occupants was less clear and thus falls short of justifying lethal force. However, your intent would be taken into coinsideration as well. If you simply tried to drive away and he got accidentally/ incidentally run over in the process......

This is legal semantics of course.

I think he needs a shallow grave myself. I'm positive this is not the first person he has victimized.

even as a skilled fighter (which i'm not) i still wont have gotten out the car. I would have ran him over. He had a good shot toward the end.