Video to study - Tyson like ect

I have a friend who is starting to get interested in boxing and I want to expose him to some different fighters who fight with a style similar to Mike Tyson (if such a thing exists). Going back and watching older Tyson fights you can really see the difference in his defense and head movement and how that created his offense. The thing you always hear is that Tyson's style with the hands on the chin with the bobbing and weaving is 'old school'. My question is if his style is 'old school' who did it come from? I understand Cus D'Amato trained him but Cus didnt create this style did he? Someone physically and technically similar to Tyson must have used such a specific style before.

try looking at Flyod Patterson. he was also trained by Cus, although i don't really think he has a Tyson style

i've seen some guys since that look like Tyson, but if you want pre-Tyson Tyson lookalikes, i'd look at Cus's other fighters. that's your best bet

imo jose torres used the d'amato style the most effective get some tapes of this great fighter!

Joe's style requires just as much natural talent, just different talents. You need to be relentless, you need to have heart, stamina, and a good chin. And you need to have faith that you have enough power to make a guy pay once you get inside.

I think by talent he meant athleticism and Dempsey was certainly quicker and more athletic than Frazier, so I'd agree with his statement. Frazier's style is definitely more applicable for a guy of average athleticism than Dempsey's.

With regards to athleticism I totally agree with you. What made Frazier remarkable was how much he accomplished with how little he had. Short, not real strong, not real fast, and in spite of how much people talk about his left hook, not the heaviest hitter either.

Dempsey was more a stand up fighter, boxer puncher type. Frazier was all inside, all left hand, and fought from a crouch with lots of pressure

Frazier was the poster boy for mind over body. He just plain out-toughed everyone he beat, it's as simple as that.

Yeah, I tried mimicking him for a while. Then I discovered I'm not really that tough.

Frazier was, outside of Marciano and Louis, probably the best body-punching heavyweight champ ever. He never overlooked the body, never missed a chance to punish a guy downstairs, and had good timing to compensate for lack of reach and size.

Frazier had underrated quickness. Look at his first fight with Ali (note: That Ali, of March 8, 1971, was still faster than just about any heavyweight ever). In the opening rounds Frazier actually jabs with Ali, dodges his shots better than folks expected, and cuts off the ring damned good. He was an underrated guy as far as his defense. He'd bob and weave and slide off shots, though he still took more than most.

A short heavyweight will always have challenges defensively, but Frazier was a tough cat and his offense overwhelmed people. I make him just in the tope ten and he had as much heart as any heavyweight ever.