Video: Universal Vale Tudo Vol. 1 (1995)

Universal Vale Tudo Vol. 1

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

July 25, 1995

Roberto Santos (Freestyle) vs Tendaro Olunde

Johil de Oliveira (Luta Livre) vs Jesus Neto (Capoeira)

Claudionor Fontinelle (Freestyle) vs Carlos Eduardo Santos (Freestyle)

Luciano Batista Souza (Capoeira) vs Paulo de (Muay Thai)

Mastre Hulk (Capoeira) vs Pedro Octavio (Luta Livre)



I don't post very often in your threads, but I do watch and VTFU every one of them. Thanks for posting these vids mate.

 Thanks guys, you're welcome fluffer

more good shit from pro ice. ttt

Wow , now those are fights..... VALE TUDO !!

Nice. TTT Phone Post

 If you guys get a chance yoyu should check this out, it's a pretty rare/unknown event with some great fights even a little riot

For later, Thank you! Phone Post

Having you around is like having a time machine. Thanks for the great vids.

Also I'd like to say those ninjas can't fight for shit. They're having a hell of a time finding their range.

These threads should be required viewing for everyone who's new to MMA - great stuff! thanks for posting, once again!

Johil is still fighting at age 42. Claudionor was still fighting last year as well.

 You're welcome guys


Thanks I'll watch this later ! Phone Post

Thank you!


 Never seen.  Great fights!  Thanks PI