Visa questions

I need your help. I am going to brazil for some training in a week and I just found out I need a visa thanks to scotty's page at the on the mat web site. I know they ask questions on the application about sports activities and may even require you to get a notarized letter stating that you aren't going to get paid any money. Has anyone encountered this situation just for training out in Brazil? Should I not even mention the training or does it matter?
Thanks in advance.

Say you are going for a vacation... nothing else.

You'll experience problems if you say you're going there for sports or martial arts. Just say you are going for vacation.

Dude, I live here in Brazil now. My friends come often and train too. Apply for a tourist visa. Dont mention anything about sports. Just come to see the sites.....on paper that is...

go to a search engine and type in expedite brazilian will bring up a list of companies that can get it done in a cant on your own...unless you live near your consulate.

I take it you are going to most gringoes who come here to train.

Anything else I can do for ya...just holla...