Visa's to Brazil ?

I just got the call to go to Brazil to work the ADCC Qualifier down there and I need to know the visa requirements.
I'm kinda screwed as I'm at an Internet cafe in North Dakota right now on my way to Whistler BC.
I won't be getting to Van until Saturday and might need to leave as early as Tuesday.
Has anyone got a visa to Brazil from Vancouver before?
What exactly do I need and does anyone have the contact info?
I just spent the last half hour trying to find some things out and all I can find is contact the nearest embassy.

The only place that I know of to get your visa is in Toronto. The Vancouver Consolate closed a few years ago. You have to fill out the application that you can print off the internet. CanĀ“t remember the site but just google it and you will find it. From there you will have to fill it out and mail it with another pre paid envolope inside so they can return it to your address. It cost around 80-90 CAD. It will take about a week if you pay to send it and recieve it express. Call them as well as maybe they will put a hurry on it. There is the site there, you will see in the middle of the page they have the "Application Download"

I went through a company in Toronto called VisaConnection these guys helped me alot and my Visa happen in one day. The Guy to talk to is Rashad Shirin # 416-506-8787

Good Luck

thanks guys visaconection it is!



Not fast enough :-(

Hopefully I'll get to go to Japan now :-)

so.... do I need a visa there...?