Vitali WINS!!!!

Vitali Klitschko beats Corrie Sanders Via TKO Referee Stoppage Rd 8! Congrats to Vitali!!

Oh I am pumped now!

Vitale is a BADASS!!!

Kirik is very correct!!!

his right hand is a murderous

Sanders has lots of heart and a hell of a chin!

YES, there finally is a white champion!!!

It's just too bad that Sanders didn't give himself a better chance to win, by getting himself into better condition.

I picked Vitali to win, and still believe he would've outlasted Sanders, but you never know. Too bad Corey didn't put more effort into his preparation.

"Sanders has lots of heart and a hell of a chin!"

Hell ya.. when we were watching it all you could hear is ppl yelling "HOW DA FUCK IS HE STILL STANDING!?"

Sanders must have listened too closely to internet "experts". He thought he could take Vitali out with a couple hard lefts. Too bad for Sanders Vitali has a true HW chin.

Props to Sanders for taking so much punishment, I was actually saying out loud for the ref to stop it.

Congrats to Vitali!

A steel chin indeed for Sanders!