Vitor Belfort TKO's Evander Holyfield in round 1

And good for him for doing what works.

Tyson would destroy Vitor in the first 30 seconds

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sad to see things come to this in the “fighting” “entertainment” “business” in 2021

didn’t support this one by paying for it and only saw the highlights on social media but absolutely wont be watching or supporting their next event

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Jake Paul isn’t ducking a fight just because some stranger called him out and challenged him.

I don’t know if Jake’s fights are real or fixed, but if he can go the distance with a washed up Woodley, he has at least a chance if he were to fight Belfort, I mean it’s not exactly prime TRTitor that we saw Saturday night, and I think half the fucking dopes on this forum would have a 50/50 shot at the Holyfield we saw Saturday.

I see the Paul vs Vitor fight if it were to happen, Paul constantly circling and jabbing and being quite hard for Vitor to land on, obviously there’s no way of telling how Paul would handle Vitor’s blitzes, but I’ll also say that Vitor’s chin has been gone for a decade and that Paul also has a puncher’s chance in the fight. Most likely would end in most people feeling Vitor Belfort was the aggressor in most rounds but Paul miraculously is awarded another split decision.

I just can’t see it. Boxing has always been a part of Vitor’s game and the bigger gloves are more forgiving as far as his chin goes. He’d have to take a clean hit. I think you are overestimating Jake Paul’s abilities. I could be wrong.

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One thing is for certain. This place has a throbbing hard-on for Jake Paul.

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You’re being a passive aggressive bitch, but that was really good advice you got.

Pretty aggressive there mister.
Triller said this was an actual boxing match.
I listened to morning kombat earlier, according to them this was an exhibition, that promotion lied and the Florida athletic commission is a joke.
Holyfield almost fell out of the ring after missing a hook, the man was completely off balance (has documented cognitive issues), and had no business being in that ring at almost 60.
Vitor has as much responsibility as the promotion, he’s not some passive victim here.
I still say his reaction after winning and his post fight speech were embarrassing.
As an exhibition, this fight should have looked more like Tyson vs Roy.
Not vitor roaring after beating on an elderly legend.
It was a real bummer seeing Holyfield done that way.
Enjoy your evening.

Didn’t know it was an exhibition, they kept saying it was licensed as a professional bout. If that’s true it’s definitely fucked up.
It was very clear Vitor was coming with bad intentions, and I think Evander was as well. It’s not like Vitor pretended they were going to spar at 40% and then went nuts on him out of nowhere.
Tyson is almost as old as Holyfield and would murder Vitor right now, it would be scary. I highly doubt Vitor would take a Tyson fight. My respect for him would go way up if he did though.

I get your point, but I can’t really blame Vitor for going all out here. It was very clear from the beginning he wanted to make as much of an impact as possible to get the biggest possible fight and payday on the next fight. So playing patty cake would’ve been a waste of his time.

He wanted Oscar, who many people thought would fuck him up (I didn’t). Regardless of who would’ve won, it would’ve been a much fairer fight. So it’s not like he targetted a dementia-ridden old man.
Once Oscar wisely got sick and fell off the card, Holyfield stepped up, obviously on gear and looking great physically. And again, at that point Vitor was very clear on what his goal and intentions were, so I can’t blame him for going 100%. Anything else would’ve been a complete waste of what he was trying to accomplish.

If you want to blame anyone, blame the corrupt commission, Triller or Evander’s entourage and family.
This assuming Evander has lost his mind to the point where he’s completely incapable of being responsible for himself (which is possible). If not, it’s his choice

Sorry about the insult, way overboard


All good, no worries man.
You make some great points.
I’m probably overthinking the whole thing too.
Vitor (like you mentioned), was kind of in a no win situation. He needed to make an impact in order to generate attention-to get a Paul fight or someone else.
Holyfield needed the money and probably thought, he could get this guy out of there quick. I’d imagine he saw what Mercer did to Tim, and some of the more recent bouts of mma vs boxers, probably didn’t respect mma fighters’s boxing. Who knows.
Like someone mentioned, they’re fighting for money. Exhibition or not. I actually enjoyed watching that shit show, up until this fight.
Triller should have scraped this fight all together, moved Tito vs Andy to the main event. It would have been completely fine. They could have rescheduled vitor vs Oscar once he got better from Covid. That’s a much more reasonable match up.
I watched Holyfield as a kid, like a lot of guys here. He was one of my dad’s favorite fighters, so there’s a lot of nostalgia there.
I’m sure that’s part of my reaction here. These guys have paid their dues.
I just don’t want to see one of these old legends get embarrassed, hurt bad, or worse-that’s where I’m at.


No man, I totally understand and I agree. I think I used to have a lot more empathy, I’m not sure what happened.
It was definitely sad and I didn’t need to see it either. I think the hypersensitive response to everything nowadays (PC/woke bullshit) has made me really aggressive toward even legitimate reactions to something truly fucked up. I need to stay away from politics…

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I’ve actually grown more empathetic since having kids, but I get that.
Combat sports will always be a guilty pleasure of mine though.

I know what you mean. I hate this woke garbage as well, it’s infecting everything. I think that’s why we’re all so passionate about combats sports here-we don’t want that shit getting into fighting. It’s like the last place I don’t see it really.

We could all use a break from politics.
But, one of the things I like about this place-
One second someone is calling a guy a bitch made cocksucker, a day later they’re having a civil conversation-all while waiting for Paige van zant to finally show her butthole.

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