Vitor calls out Oscar!

For a Triller boxing match.

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I got Vitor by brutal mauling

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Oh man. That’s an interesting one. What weight?

DLH might get hurt badly if Belfort connects. If they are even close to their fighting weights, I think there is far too much of a size difference for this matchup to be fair to DLH. Would be like a prime Anderson Silva fighting Ngannou. Silva was undoubtedly the superior technician, but the potential for damage in a single strike seems far too great.

Shit, I’ll buy it. What the hell…

Prime Silva has a good shot at beating Ngannou in a boxing match imo.

Not if Ngannou lands a clean shot.

I’d buy this if it is full contact and not an exhibition sparring match/work. Will watch either way.

Roids vs. Cocaine

I think oscar still looks sharp and would whip belfort in boxing. Depending on which oscar shows up and which vitor shows up (lol)