Vitor Ribeiro v BJ Penn (MMA)

Who takes it?

same team ... it won't happen..

Shaolin's grapling is unmatched in MMA, but BJ's striking is better. Vitor makes good grapplers look like novices - See Vitor v Hansen, Silva and Strebendt. Penn has taken it to the top guys in MMA today.

"same team ... it won't happen.."

It's just a fictional matchup, roll with it.

Lots of good realistic matchups in the UFC.

This fight won't happen.

"It's just a fictional matchup, roll with it."

In that case, I'd take Shaolin.

Fictional... Penn has much better stand up game...The only way Shoalin gets a win is by sub and that wouldn't happen... I know who wins when they role....

I think BJ decisions him, keeps it on the feet and peppers away at him.. If it hits the mat, BJ is probably one of the few people in MMA today who can survive there.

Shaolin most likely wouldn't submit BJ, but if he did win it would be through positional dominance on the ground. It would take a patient ref if it took place in the UFC for Shaolin to win.

To get an honest result - this would probably have to take place in Shooto where they wouldn't have to worry about fans booing the ground game and pressuring the ref to stand it up.

Penn by power and strikes. Penn will nullify Shaolin's grappling, just like he did against two Gracies who are much bigger than Shaolin. To put Penn in any danger of being subbed in MMA, you'll probably need a lightheavy or heavyweight with world class grappling skills.

BJ would not submit Vitor. I think he could decision him. Remember, this is not a title fight, just 3 rounds.

lets see if Shaolin can beat JZ.

"Vitor makes good grapplers look like novices "'

nobody makes bj penn look like a novice..

bj wins this fight via better all around skills.

only way vitor wins v penn is lay and pray.

Penn all the way! Really good fight, wish it could happen but won't.

Shaolin could win given that he never ever stops moving on the ground always applying constant pressure and gnp, I could see BJ gassing out if he tries to keep pace with Shaolin, however I don't think Shaolin would want to stand and trade with BJ for very long.

BJ easily, imo

I see BJ better in every dimention of the fight.....except in the cardio.

SO if the fight continue until the last round, BJ may gaze and get pounded.

Good fight but Id go with BJ