Vitor "shaolin" Ribiero dvd set...

According to ADCC news, this set will be available in a few weeks. It looks like it will cover bjj, submission grappling and mma. Anyone know who is producing it, the price, ...etc.?

ttt, hopefully it is cheap, but i doubt it.


shaolin shows great techniques in this 3 DVD series. The techniques are new, his style of fight, very good. you will see. Plus fight footage for each category: BJJ, Submission Grappling, & Vale Tudo. Very good Instructional!

Shaolin is da man! I got to meet and train with him last Feb and he is the real deal. Any instructional from him is a must have.

ttt for Shaolin !

Does he show side choke (arm triangle) details and setups on this DVD? He is my side choke hero.

Like a "Juke Box Hero", only different.


Who produced it and what website will it be sold on??????????????????

The DVD is available from BJJ set for $79.99.I still wanna know who produces it. Any idea?

Good set of DVD's. Takedowns, guard passes and Submissions are covered for BJJ, Submission grappling and MMA. Also, has matches included for each of the DVD's featuring Shaolin. The instruction is in Portuguese with English subtitles. The running times of the DVD's vary from 38 minutes to 48 minutes each. There are chapters for each of the DVD's. Chapters vary from 14 to 24 for each DVD.