Vitor vs Randleman....Anyone...

Care.. I mean of course we care about this matchup but I haven't seen
any posts..

I think Vitor Subs the Monster somehow..



No I haven't actually... Are there other threads already???

Sorry if this has been beat to death..


I think Randleman by ground and pound.

Nah... Vitor never has been knocked out so I don't see that left hook
being a factor..

It would be awesome if Vitor started the fight aggressively against
Kevin but he will probably just stand near his corner like he has been
doing lately and REACT to what Kevin does.. Which isn't really bad, but
I just wish.. Don't we all.. That Vitor lets the hands and Knees fly..

I think Vitor subs the monster but he'll prolly get dropped on his head


I like Vitor in this one. Standing up, obviously Vitor.

If it goes down (which I think it will), the Monster taps.

Just my opinion but I think it would be alot like Vitor vs Tito fight?????? what do you think

Cool match I've always wanted to see. Is it on PPV?

Vitor by flying triangle choke...


Can't wait for this fight (even though I won't see it)

A battle of the two biggest underachievers...

Two fighters who could beat anyone but never do.

Vitor by flying Triangle choke...


This will be the greatest fight in MMA history.

BOth these guys auras of under performance will cancel each other out, and for one night only we will see the fighters that Vitor and kevin should be.