Vitor vs. Weidman

Just thought it needed to be said...again possibly

Make your voices heard Phone Post

Yes Phone Post

I like it but sounds like its chris and silva next Phone Post

They both seem to think they deserve a shot, this would be a great way to legitimise one over the other. A lot of people think weidman needs another top contender win to really solidify his shot, beatingg vitor would definately be a step in that direction. Phone Post

its the fight that has to happen


ender852 - The winner would be undeniably deserving a title shot. A win over a big name like Vitor is exactly what Weidman needs to silence his critics, and another impressive win for Vitor makes the rematch easier to sell. Phone Post

Totally feel they need to make this fight happen first Phone Post

Vitor asked for the fight on Twitter and Weidman said he didn't want that fight. Ducking? You decide... Phone Post