Vladimir Putin awarded with 8th kyokushin-kan dan

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The International Committee of the International Organization Kyokushin-kan karate-awarded Russian President Vladimir Putin high degree eighth studio dan Kyokushin-kan. As reported by "Lente.ru" in the organization, a formal letter of acceptance of such decision sent the President of the International Organization Kyokushin-kan Hatsuo Royama.
Master of Karate-do Kyokushin Hatsuo Royama - champion Japan - repeatedly visited Moscow. In 2001, Vladimir Putin awarded Royama fifth dan Kyokushin Kan. In 2009 it was raised to the seventh. Five years later, Putin was awarded another degree of skill.
In 2000, the Japan Karate school leaders Godzyur Putin handed diplomas to award him the title of supreme masters of this martial art, as well as the ninth dan. The Russian president will get exactly kimono and black belt on which was embroidered with golden threads his name.
This attention of Japanese karate masters to the Russian president is not accidental. Putin himself is interested in martial arts and doing a lot for their popularization. He is engaged in Sambo and Judo to 11 years. "I came in judo boy. And I became interested in martial arts, their particular philosophy, culture and relations with rival rules of battle "- quotes the Russian leader's official website of the Kremlin.
Putin - Master of Sports in Judo and Sambo. In September 2006 he became honorary president of the European Judo Union, and in 2010 received an honorary degree "Doctor in judo" a South Korean university ?nin.
In 1999, a book co-authored with Putin Vasily Shestakov and Alexei Levitsky on practical training Judo - "Let's Learn Judo with Vladimir Putin". During a visit to the president of Russia 2012 Olympics in London, it was reported that Putin himself continues to do judo and supports the Russian Judo Federation. In 2013, the president of Russia won the ninth honorary given in the Korean martial arts of taekwondo.

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I cannot see it mentioned anywhere, so I thought that I should mention that Putins kyokushin degree is honorary. He has never actually trained or tested in the kyokushin system. Royama awarded putin with the degree as political PR, much as previous honorary degrees has been presented to actor Sean Connery (in connection with the bulk of the kyokushin main dojo guys being hired as extras for the 1967 Bond movie "you only live twice" (all those japanese agents/ninjas are acted by kyokushin guys). Sean Connor met, and even trained, with the kyokushin founder during the filming.

In Putins case it was a goodwill gesture after he ordered a unified Russian kyokushin sport organization to be formed that included all the internationally rivaling factions (not that this resulted in any actual unification, or even in the end made the top echelons fighters from the groups face each other). Putin came into contact with kyokushin through one of his bodyguards who was a internationally ranked fighter in Royamas kyokushin organization.

Just like university's giving honorary degrees to benefactors and politicians, its just a polite public relation ceremony that does not actually mean anything. It especially does not confirm any skill or knowledge. A few years ago Sean connor was asked about his honorary kyokushin degree, and he could not remember it or even what kyokushin was (although apparently he suffers from mild Alzheimer's, so maybe its to be forgiven).

As for Obama. Despite the ridicule and the carefully selected pictures posted, he has atleast a greenbelt in TKD since his youth. But I guess him being physically well trained or not does not really matter as he is not running US by personal physical strength.

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The Power Double - Touch has officially jumped the shark. Phone Post 3.0


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