Vulkan Kimonos "Ultra Light gi "

We just receive our inventory of Vulkan Kimonos . Vulkan are the lightest gi in the market Today . Vulkan gis are made of Honey Comb weaved fabric , which provides lightness and quality .It weight about 2.2 lbs . If You are worring about to make the weight in at Pan Am 2004 and a few pounds up We got your back.

Vulkan kimonos weight ( aprox ) by size goes;
M3 = 2.2 lbs
A1 = 2.4 lbs
A2 = 2.6 lbs
A3 = 2.8 lbs
A4 = 3.0 lbs

Vulkan gis are not posted on the website yet . it will be posted soon . But You can order over the phone $70.00

Vulkan gi are made of one piece fabric ( there is no skirt or any kind of sewing in the back ) ( just like Koral gis )and has rubber inside the lapel ( just like Koral ) so the colar does not hold water or sweat and the whole gi dries very fast .
Vulkan is made of a weaved fabric lighter than a single weave . We have them available at the store and We will have them for sale at our booth at Pan ams . But You have to shrink It down to your size .
It has no embroidery , no patches .

We have a few athletes that already have use Vulkan Gi at Worlds Championship, Brazilian Team Championship and a lot guys are using them in Brazil . So You can use Vulkan at the Pan Am.

No, there is no other gi lighter than Vulkan made out weaved fabric on the market Today .


When will you guys have pictrues and a description of it up on your site?


was heisst "we go your back"?

Vulkan gis now are available on the website .Check It Out!