Vulkan Kimonos

Anyone have the gi? And how do you like it? Fit, durability, feel, handling?


Fine. Buy one size bigger to allow for shrinkage if you hot wash and machine dry.

they r one of the lightest gis on the market, but they tend to shrink a lot.

also, they wont be as durable as the heavier gis

light, good for making weight, look at the gameness pearl too, its a really good gi about the same price too

Wut up bro! Ed from the old gym had one and here tore through the pants pretty quick. He went through 2 pair in a year.

This is my favorite gi on the market today. I was them in cold water and hang them to dry so they dont shrink, but the fit is amazing.

^i thought they are preshrunk?

My favorite gi at the moment.

I have it and really, really like it.

I like mine.

dont tumble dry, the rubber collar will melt and ripple. a team mate found out the hard way and ruined 2 jackets like that

I had this Gi but sold it, Im 5'6 and wear an A2, I ordered an A2 Vulkan and had to shrink it to fit, Felt real good, fit nice and was super light, but 1 problem, after a few minutes af training and sweating the Gi stretched out and the sleeves were too long as well as the pants, keep in mind I was at the low end of the size spectrum for there A2

^why didn't you get the A1?

Because my Height and weight fell into their sizing chart of an A2, and my Atama is an A2 But your right I could have gotten an A1.

oh, the pants r the weak link. a few guys from our club have torn the pants in less than a year, and they wear it maybe 2x week

the yellow one on budovideos is interesting