Wade Shipp to fight Bas ?

I don't know much about him. Presently, he appears to be the fore runner to battle Rutten on Sat. WFA card.

5W - 3L Fights out of San Diego - local guy for where the fight is taking place.


Sounds like a good challenge then. Hope the fight happens. Names being bounced around. This appears to be a solid.

"Worst possible substitute ever."

Why's that ?

Looks something like Keith Jardine

Kimo would kill Shipp.

If by "pleasantly suprised" you mean getting KO'd quickly so we can see more fights,...then,...maybe, yeah.

They need a name replacement.
Kimo made sense becuase everyone knows him and it's a fairly easy win for Bas's comeback. Beating Wade Shipp would mean nothing.
Bring Tank in or Dan Severn or somebody like that.
Easier said than done I know but there is no way someone like Buentello or any other active good fighter is getting this fight.

Yes, and I will take that $500 bet as many times as it's offered to me.

how about I email you in the extremely unlikely event this fight happens. But that said,....ok.

PB I would like to see.

They should have cropped that damn picture a little higher.
That belly fuzz and soft droopy look kind of works against the mean beard and sleeves.


Shipp could possibly die if he fights Bas.

gary Goodridge

I'm not really anonymous. Some people here know me.

Tank would probably fight if the price was right.

Wade might fight Bas???


I don't know why some think Wade wouldn't be exciting?? Sheesh, Wade's a good fighter, & sure doesn't deserve some of the mean comments posted here.

Go Wade!!!!!

I was just calling around people I know, and was informed that there has already been somebody secured, and that it's not Wade. So unless something changes.

I'm not positive, but I know it's one of two fighters. Was sworn not to blab it, so...

"Shipp completely exhausted himself in 4 minutes by ineffectually punching a guy who had a broken neck and then got KO'ed in the first round."

I believe it was a broken back.