Waimea River

pretty cool.

never seen this before.

so they just dig a little trench after the rains and it empties into the ocean naturally?

yes, and what they don't show is teh explosive diarrhea and impetigo that follows!

no lepto?


that cant be good for the shore line.

I've been riding waimea river for 20 some years, never been sick yet, BUT,,, yes you can get Lepto and have had friends get it.
Last week the state dug it out and broke it cause was so full, one of my students from BJJ was riding it and hit the bunker thats left over from the war, a piece of rebar was sticking out and it hit him in the leg and ripped all the way to his ass, lifeguards pulled him out and he was in the hospital for a week with heavy infection. So you gotta be careful. but damn it is fun to ride!!

i disagree w/ jjd not being SICK. lol

FCTV808 - i disagree w/ jjd not being SICK. lol

brain doesn't count=(

Freakin' Brazilians! You know Brazilians and Koreans are alike...dif languages, but, they are some emotional people! Without the Brazilian's at grappling tourney's, it wouldn't be any fun to watch!