Wand to Vitor: "I'll catch u, understand bro? "


UFC Quick Quote: Wanderlei Silva has Vitor Belfort stuck in his throat

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"The war has started. I’ll catch you, understand bro? I’ll catch him because our first fight did not prove anything really; it was a technical error and also a lucky moment. He knocked me out quickly. That loss is stuck in my throat and I will turn it over. I am a different fighter now and this time the one who is going to do the knocking out is me. I’ll beat him badly. I’m already preparing myself for this bout. I’m acting on his mindset. Everybody knows he is strong but is psychologically weak. Everybody knows he goes to bits before going in to fight, so I’m damaging his mind already."

Middleweight smasher Wanderlei Silva (via Fighter's Only) hopes to one day avenge his loss to current 185-pound number one contender Vitor Belfort, after "The Phenom" challenges Anderson Silva for the division title at UFC 126 in February 2011. Belfort finished the "The Axe Murderer" in just 44 seconds more than a decade ago at UFC 17.5: "Ultimate Brazil," and there is an outside chance we could see their rivalry renewed at the upcoming "Rio" event next August. Anyone think the results would be any different the second time around?

Can't see wandy beating him in a rematch Phone Post

 tough one to call IMO..

They should have had this rematch years ago when Silva was in his prime, damn it.

Yeah, but Vitor wasn't shit back then. It was not a marketable fight at all, for all the bullshit it would take for a promoter to put it together.

 Could have happened in the 2005 GP.

 Vitors technical crisp strikes get there before Wandy's windmills every single time.

wand has jack shit coming to him against the phenom....

thats like chuck vs rampage....some guys just have your #...vitor has wands.

leydster -  Can't see wandy beating him in a rematch Phone Post

 agree man, i see him getting possibly KO'ed in the rematch.

vitor is weak huh? you mean during that period where his sister was kidnapped and later found dead? sounds like wandy wants some. i say once belfort and anderson silva are done give him what he wants.

Do you know who I am, bro?

2008 this fight would have been a toss up.. but as of now the way belfort has been performing compared to wanderlei this fight would end the same way, definantaly not as quick or as one sided but vitor seems to have found his game! a think vitor is andersons biggest threat!

 Go Silva!  I always thought Vitor was lucky and overrated.  Hope this fight happens.

Wand has no chance at beating Belfort. Phone Post

im startin to take wands trash talk personally. i hope vitor retires this clown already.

That would be an interesting fight if Vitor loses to Silva!

um CRE is a retard if he thinks chael would beat wand on the feet. chael would fall over crying if he couldn't attempt a TD

MrHenson - 
HexRei - um CRE is a retard if he thinks chael would beat wand on the feet. chael would fall over crying if he couldn't attempt a TD

 chael owned anderson on the feet....mightn not do it twice but he did

wandy is too old and too beaten

chael would ruin his night on the feeet or however he chooses

chael did not own anderson on the feet. he caught him once because anderson was worried about the takedown. the funny part is that anderson clowned him by simply eating the punches after that, he was never hurt. chael is nothing without takedowns

Wanderlei went on to become a legend after that loss, Vitor is now in his 10th or 11th reincarnation, still looking for that moment that will make him one of the greats.

that was a slip, CREtard