Wander Braga

just spoke to him on the phone... WHAT A NICE GUY! wander youve got a fan for life, good luck in KOTC.

Wander rules. He is truly one of the greatest guys in BJJ.

hellofaniceguy too


I attended his seminar at our school last summer. Great guy....super nice and courteous, with excellent skills. One of the best $60 I've spent!!!

any word on who hes fighting?

according to my inside source (lets just refer to him as brander waga for now) braga is actually 14-0 with some of his early fights in Brazil not being counted... a skilled fighter and a gentleman.

still looking for word on his opponent

wander braga is fighting Joe Camacho on the KOTC June 12 card. It's a ppv card. Should be a good fight. Braga will be too much on the ground for Camacho though, if he can get it there. . .

Thanks Blue! just got off the phone with the man himself (im such an insider lol) training is going great... i think this could be another win for braga, he sounded like he's definately in the zone!

I'd like to see Braga build up some wins in KOTC and then see him step up. The fight with Camacho is a great fight for him. I'm predicting an exciting fight. This KOTC has a better card than the usual ones. Allessio vs. Santiago of the ATT should be great.

Wander is a very very technical fighter, with and without the gi. More importantly, he is one of the nicest guys I've ever met in this sport.

ttt for a great teacher and person

anyone whos a fan of great fighting make sure to get to soboba casino june 12... you might be seeing a future MMA star

braga is 6-0 and a real good fighter at that!!

GatorMan, either you looked up the wrong Braga or there was some sort of error on Sherdog at the time you checked it.
Wander has not lost.

Where does Braga train???

I think he's the jiu-jitsu instructor at LA Boxing. He may also have his own academy in LA. I'm pretty sure he is a black belt under Jorge Pereira (under rickson). Actually, I think Pereira is also fighting on the same card in KOTC.

when youve got all these people on here saying hes a great guy he must be doing something right!

ill bring the champagne for the after fight toast... and good luck to camacho as well!

kotc.... braga v camacho?

yep, braga vs camacho... should be a good time

wow. hell yea. i'll be there for sure. wait... this is the kotc in cali right? or is it the one in ohio? personally, i'm pickin camacho, but it'll be one hellova fight.