Wanderlei Silva's April Fools Response (video)


eets zyoke



Shame he didn't mention Ariel.

Thanks, BRZ and Card.

Awesome video. Good to see him enjoying his trick.


Taz 155 now, 45 more votes to go, I still think you'll be blue before you hit 200. Thanks again man.

Taz Styles - Thanks, BRZ and Card.
Welcome Phone Post 3.0

Wandy likes dem jokes.

Sounds like he would have done it Phone Post

Lost respect for him because of this. Not much, but a little.

Guys get so butthurt over a joke, Wand has done enough in his career where he can say one harmless little joke on april fools day. He even made a video to say sorry. He is class act and true legend. WAR WAND!! Always rooting for you! Phone Post 3.0

UFC should have called him.

I don't get why they didn't when he was clearly willing to bail their asses out from this disaster.

Wandy is a funny guy

i missed all the controversy but that's a cool video. guy is awesome


Othello - That English translation is almost identical to how Ninoplata types. Very interdasting.......

who is ninoplata and what does it mean!?

Wand shows that MMA has more sandy, weepy vaginas than any other sport.


I love how he said if Mousasi wasn't happy with his apology. He fights in the 205 division too. Fuckin gold Phone Post

He's the coolest guy ever. I wish they woulda called him. He's one of the greats. Phone Post 3.0