want to bet the farm on Bocek

Bocek is going off at a 4 to 1 dog against Danzig!!! Are the bookmakers on Crack? Bet the farm on Bocek.

Sorry to tell ya buds, but Bocek is going to get raped in this one!!

Danzig by smoke show!!!


Mark is sick on the mat, Danzig will need to be at the top of his game to beat him. I just can't see it happening. No disrespect to Danzig intended but I just think Bocek wins this one. They only share one common opponent, Bocek submitted Mahlow in the First round where Danzig snuck out a decision.

Go Bocek I got my money on you

Dave Nicholls

Don't get me wrong I hope to God that Bocek woops Danzig's ass as a fan and a student, but Danzig should definately be the favourite in the odds. He has much more experience and has fought a lot of top level fighters. With that said, if Bocek can avoid Danzig's striking and out wrestle him, Danzig will be in for a long night.

With all that said...


In my oppinion Bocek is far superior on the ground with his wrestling and definitely better with subs. Danzig has only stopped 5 opponents by KO/TKO so I don't think he has a great deal of punching power which makes it a ground game which plays into Boceks hands. I am not saying Danzig shouldn't be the favourite but not at 4-1.

 Mark has to get this to the ground and keep it there for a win.

which is the best site to bet on for this fight? Anyone?

bocek by rnc

 Bocek via decision.

Can Canucks bet on Bodog? If not, can someone kindly point me to a betting resource online for this? Thx

"Can Canucks bet on Bodog? If not, can someone kindly point me to a betting resource online for this? Thx"

I use sportsinteraction.com, you can bet in Canadian funds.

Bowmans.com has the lines on the televised fights. That is the first place I saw it at 4-1, Pinnaclesport.com also has it at the same spread.

I'd like to bet on some of these fights as well. The lines for Starnes/Quarry and Bocek/Danzig seem a little off to me....good possibility of making some money on this event imo:) Does anyone actually have a Canadian account that they've been using for betting on fights? It's gotten harder to bet on these fights in the past year or two.

I have used bowmans a bunch of times. They seem to be one of the easiest to use and to get your money out as well.

they just need a credit card?

credit card, western union or direct from your bank account.

I was very proud of how Mark fought. He clearly won the first round. Without the crippling knee in the second who knows how things would have went. Mark seemed to beable to take Mac down quite easily and showed a ton of heart in the loss. I love watching this guy fight as did 21000 in attendance.

David Nicholls

Yeah, I thought Mark showed amazing toughness. I hope that the UFC recognizes his potential and gives him more fights. Great job Mark, you represented and made us all proud.