Wanted: Banner Creators

Hey guys,

I am in need of someone to work with me on creating several banners to advertise my business and some of the products I am producing and/or distributing. 
I can pay you with your choice of a) Free instructional DVDs b) Free private lessons c) Good ol' fashioned cash

This could become a long-term and ongoing relationship if I like your work.  Please shoot me an email at info@adamlaclair.com if you think you can help!






shoot me an e-mail. I've done a ton of banners in the past so I'd be happy to work with you.


It looks like Chris beat me to the first post, but I'll go ahead anyway.

I just got done doing some banners for a client this week. It's one of my fortes. I'm pretty sure I'll have the best prices you can find, and I'll even do a free sample for you.

If you email me I'll send you some samples of my work. bryan@actionmediagroup.net

I'm currently working on my website, but if you go to www.actionmediagroup.net you can see one banner on the home page.

Thanks guys. 

I'm on a road trip right now, but I'll get back to each of you the first of the week.

Adam LaClair