War Royce.

Jiu-Jitsu prevails. Saku wasn't aggressive enough. Royce did damage to Saku's legs. I'm happy with the decision.

Shit decision. Sakuraba barely tried and he still had more submission attempts and landed better strikes.

Either way, shitty ass fight.


How did I know if Royce won people would say Work! Lol

Saku had more sub attempts and the ONLY KNOCKDOWN!

Didn't watch the fight but listening to the people on here it sounds like the real losers Royce, Sakuraba and all the people who had to pay to watch the fight.

"Saku had more sub attempts"

Holding someones arm for a kimua but not trying to finish it doesnt count.

Guys, these 2 fighters are chess masters on the ground. They need 3 x 15 min rds or 5 x 10 min rds to really shine. 3 x 5 min is not enough for them to get going.

This will not ruin Sak's legacy and the decision was fair. It was a close fight. I just wish it was more rds and minutes.


All I kept thinking was "Can you imagine trying that bogus kimura when Marcello Garcia has your back? Good night."


Saku started off better but Royce took over later in the fight.

Congrats to Royce.


The fight was a joke. The ppv and matchmaking was a joke.