was mino about to armbar fedor???

when mino actually got the takedown and got the mount...right at the end of the first round, it looked like he was about to armbar fedor, then the bell rang

reminiscent of mino/crocop if you think about it...one lucky takedown is all mino needed

was fedor saved by the bell?



well, we all know how fast mino can slap on a sub

and it seemed like there was some transition there(I have to watch it again) with mino going for the armbar

sure, I know fedor slid out or just shook off all the sub attempt in that fight

but this one seemed a bit different in that mino was(holy shit) actually on top


I think that he was going to try to, but he didn't
even have time to set it up, let alone attempt (or
finish) it.

Mino's the man on the mat, but I'm still getting over
the shock of watching him get his ass absolutely
handed to him for fifteen minutes. That fight wasn't
even competitive.

In addition to all his other ridiculous traits, Fedor also has a very small head, which helps him slip out of everything.