Yeah, it wasn't bad.  I had never seen Ebersole in action and enjoyed every minute of it even though I was initially rooting for Lytle.

Oh and Bisping made a complete ass of himself.

 Wow. Interesting responses.

I thought it was fair at best. Horrific judging, a blatent foul, bad sportsmanship by Bisping and applaudes by the crowd, Jon Fitch ect. . Also looked like there was an illegal knee to Lytle, but I could be wrong.

Siver fight was good, and there were a couple good subs. Lytle looks close to done, which is a HUGE dissapointment.

The probable last marquee fight for Rivera was disappointing.

Mark Hunt saved the night from being terrible.

I'm glad BJ was honest, and I'm glad I didn't pay to see that.

I wish the WEC was still around, and can't wait for Bellator to start the season.

Watered down PPV. UFC ppv's these days generally lack, and I saw this as no different, and hardly worth it.

solid card

Sharkturi speaks heap big truth! It was aight at times but amidst the bad calls, poor sportsmanship, and irritating headliner, it was most certainly not worth full price. Phone Post

I ended up liking it. Lytle/Ebersole was a good, very high-paced fight; Siver/Sotiropolous was a high-paced standup fight that didn't look like a schoolyard brawl; Fitch/BJ was excellent; Bisping vs Rivera was exciting and had a great finish.

Entertaining, but $55 worth? Nope.

Ya know it was worth 1/3 of what I make a hr doing my job so yea at $45 it was worth 20 mins of my time

10mtncombat - this is the first ppv i didn't buy for a long time...just have been frustrated at the lack of cards/match ups...this was to me, a spike card. really 2 non title factors matching up in the main event with a bunch of ho hum match ups underneath..

the last one i didn't buy i regretted it..I'd like to hear what you guys think of the ppv...was it worth the 50 bucks?

You didn't miss much. The highlight of the night, for me, was Hunt's fight.

Yes, definitely. I would never pay for a card that isn't live though, if that's what you are considering