this is the first ppv i didn't buy for a long time...just have been frustrated at the lack of cards/match ups...this was to me, a spike card. really 2 non title factors matching up in the main event with a bunch of ho hum match ups underneath..

the last one i didn't buy i regretted it..I'd like to hear what you guys think of the ppv...was it worth the 50 bucks?

i really enjoyed this card. Better then most UFC's I can remember latley.


 I paid for it.. I enjoyed it

I liked it.

Awesome card, totally worth it.

also strikeforce has been killin it lately. I'm starting to lean more and more twards strikeforce as being my favorite promotion. and i used to be the one talking mad shit on people who said that..they might not have the fighters that the ufc does, but they seem to put better fights together that are a lot more exciting..this heavyweight gp is epic also

It was a solid 7 to me. I've seen better and i've seen worse. I don't regret ordering it at all.

I watched the stream and I must say that it was completely worth it :)

100% worth it man, Im telling you the ones that everyone says are going to suck, or the ones that may not have all the big names are the ones that deliver.

damn. maybe i will buy the nightcap....or tomorrow. i just hate knowing the outcome--shit

RyanWilcox - it's always worth it when you watch it via stream!


10mtncombat - damn. maybe i will buy the nightcap....or tomorrow. i just hate knowing the outcome--shit

Knowing the outcome does take away from it.

yeah the streaming sites i used before are now a thing of the past

8/10 imo.

lytle, siver, and pearson fights were all FOTN worthy. Phone Post

i paid 3 dollar cover at a bar and bought no drinks or anything because i was shitting my pants all day. well worth it, had tons of entertainment. siver/sot was crazy, ebersole was surprising, noke is legit, and penn/fitch was high level grappling. only thing i can complaing about is the way the bisping/rivera fight went. i don't like seeing finishes come after eye pokes/groin shots/illegal blows if it has noticeably affected the fighter on the receiving end

Good card, but I Really think Bisping should have been DQ'd. I mean, of course Rivera is gonna say he can still fight--you could rip that dude's arm off and he'd say he wants to continue. IMO there should be instant disqualification for blatantly illegal strikes. Esp when they connect solidly, and that one wrecked Rivera. Phone Post



....main event was a draw

Better than the last one. Still, Not worth 60.00. Phone Post