Washing Gi's & Mats?

Hey guys,

I'm back home in Tennessee for the holidays... long storry short, one of my friends asked what guys in Australia do as far as cleaning mats and washing gis (he was getting tired of 1 or 2 guys here not washing their gi and thought I would have a wonderful Australian solution...). One of the guys back here cleans mats every 2 days, and you are expected to wash your gi every day (hence people noticing if you don't wash it).

Also since I am getting back in to training in Melbourne I'm kind of curious as well:-)

Anyway, I hope everyone had a good holiday, and I hope you guys are enjoying the sunshine!




Nobody in Australia washes their mats, or gi's, ever.

Happy NY04.



I swore up and down we washed them sometimes (I had to wash mine before sticking it in a bag with all of my other stuff to fly back:-).


Do you have to wash Gi's and mats??? And here i was thinking i was getting better at grappling and starting to tap guys through my new found skills, but looks like its a case of they tap because they can't handle the smell of my 2 year old unwashed gi! :)

If you listen really carefully you can hear the Koalas licking mats clean during the very early hours of the morning.

My pet Kangaroo cleans my Gi twice a week with a homemade detergent of Vegemite and Eucalyptus leaves (my pet Koala used to do it but he kept eating the detergent).

wookey i hope you have a black gi or was it white and turn black with all that vegemite?

We have a cleaner who comes in and cleans our whole gym.

The gi solution is easy, own several gi's. I have about 5 I can choose from. That way I only have to wash the gi's once a week.

The other option is to alternate gi and no-gi classes... ;)


I usally only train once a week so i just wash my gi once a week. Since looking at competing in the C class shooto in Melb i we have been training with no gis so just a pair of shorts to wash instead!

If your friend is having a problem with a few guys not washing their gis only let them roll with the best guys training, so they get tapped and hurt quickly. When the guys ask why they are only aloowed to roll with the guys who beat them quickly, say they have problems with their noses and can't smell. you gi's smell so they are the only ones who will roll with you. Might get them to start washing their gi's. :)

Keats, it was white and now has black streaks. I'm known as 'The big seagull shit' and am feared by all.

I wash every two classes and hang outside to air for a day in between - helps save water and is less wearing on your kimono.

Distribute or hang up a single page flyer discussing mat hygiene & include other info on keeping nails short etc. This won't alienate the smelly guys, but hopefully they'll get the message subtly (don't want them to get their stinky knickers in a knot now do we?). I train in a pretty cruisey club where someone will just say "faaark man you're kimono smells like my Uncle Leo...and he's been dead since 1996"

*No disrespect intended to any Uncle Leo's - living or dead.

"*No disrespect intended to any Uncle Leo's - living or dead. "

Just as well!

*crosses arms and pouts*

Hey guys,

Thanks for the laugh! Also, wookey73, thanks for the idea, I will pass that along.