WATCH: A filthy Taekwondo body kick ends a street fight instantly

Look at that! TKD that actually worked! That’s awesome.

Still waiting on that Wing Chun and Aikido vid…

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Looks like he found the liver

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fucking frustrating experience looking at that link



I only see a still picture no play button

Scroll down more. There’s a thumbnail at the top and an embedded video lower on the page

A good TKD-boxer is a nightmare to fight if you can’t take him to the ground.

Those guys are so incredibly rare though. Usually if a guy’s hard to take down, it’s because he’s spent some time practicing that. And in my experience, NO ONE in TKD or boxing is practicing that. So if a guy is hard to take down, does it even make sense to refer to him as a TKD guy? I don’t think so. Am I a TKD guy? I started out with a couple years of TKD, but I switched to grappling and muay thai and did 15 years of that. It would seem weird for someone to characterize me as a TKD guy with good takedown defense.

That video had AIDS and didn’t work well but I got through it.

Loved the “puta!” after the shot landed lol.

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It’s goin down

Meh, the other guy used the worst possible strategy against a tkd guy, staying on the outside, while he should have bumrushed him and made it ugly.

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What was filthy about the kick? It was a legit technique that Tough Guy was not prepared for.

Beautiful accuracy! But the other guy sucked.


It landed like kicking a tree stump. No smack, just thud. Those are the ones…

Leeever keek, as Bas would say…

Depends on how much of your game is still TKD-oriented/styled. Is Machida all of a sudden not a karate fighter since he competes in MMA? Sure, he has added additional skills to his repertoire, but his entire MMA gameplan is still very karate-based. Same thing with Wonderboy.

There is a lot of karate and tkd in mma

Ffs several of the p4p goats used them

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