WATCH: Bisping does a horrible but funny impression of Gane saying Ngannou has no friends

Michael Bisping turns into French-ping at the 4:50 mark :rofl:.

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Bisping does a bad impression of a dude from England. He actually brushes his teeth and he’s not a pussy.

I actually like him a lot

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Absolutely, I’m glad he’s not actually British :face_vomiting:

Why is this news…

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lol. Funny way to talk shit. Frances has no friends? He’s a lonely nerd? If he went out and asked people personally if they were his friends, pretty sure they would all say “Hell yes. BFFs for LIFE big man.”

Just saw a video where he was chumming it up with Cormier. Seemed pretty friendly. He just seems like an intimidating, intense, serious person. Probably cool with plenty of people but doesn’t need a close-knit crew to kick it with.