WATCH: Donald Trump stops everything to greet Jorge Masvidal


Dana White says it was a “massive f*** up” by the UFC for NOT showing former President Donald Trump during the Conor McGregor fight card.

The UFC prez tells TMZ Sports the flub was a mix of his production team dropping the ball, a technical issue, and the unpredictability of live television.

The way Dana explains it … there was a plan in place to show Trump sitting near the Octagon . Cameras were supposed to pan from some big-name celebrities to the former Prez … but things didn’t go according to script.

“We were getting ready to show him right between the co-main and main events, I think you remember that we showed OBJ . We showed OBJ, then it was supposed to go to David Spade , 2 Chainz , and then the president, and we had some kinda glitch in the truck. Then the Conor fight ended up ending in the 2nd round so we never got a chance."

White continued … "Let me tell you what, massive f*** up by my production team, but ya know, it’s live TV and these things happen.”

LOL Trump told Dana to pay Jorge a lot of money. Jorge will use that in the next contract negotiation.

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Like him or hate him take a step back and think about the overall fact that a former president is
A. attending an event of our beloved sport
B. Acknowledging a fighter the way he did.

Take the politics aside, being a long long-time MMA fan it’s insane to see the development of the sport. I thought the crowning moment was to see MMA in NYC at the Garden, now it’s got former presidents walking around in the back giving props to fighters who aren’t even division champs. Wow what a ride from staying up late to read about Pride events to this. Its pretty fucking cool to see


That’s awesome :ok_hand:

Bullshit it was a fuck up. They made sure to get the guy dressed like a girl and as many minority celebs as possible. They left Trump out intentionally.




You do realize that UFC does its own producing and broadcasting…so Dana can blame himself or his people

Who butters the UFCs bread at this current moment? ESPN maybe?


except Dana himself said that ESPN had nothing to do with it and even said it was his production team

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And if there’s one thing Dana is known for it’s his honesty.


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To be fair, Trump has been a fan of MMA for a long time. He’s just about the ONLY former president you’ll see at a UFC/MMA event.


Biden wouldn’t even know wtf a ufc is

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I hope Dana gets me-too’d

Joe was talking about him being there on a podcast clip I saw. He said he has normal size hands and the crowd lost their shit when he walked in.

Wow Trump treats Masivdal like how Biden treats 6 year old girls. Everything else is a distraction, complete focus, a hug, and some whispers.